Frequently Asked Questions

We suggest that you take the cocoa powder alone in order for you to be able to see its full work as some supplements cannot be trusted.

Yes you can. The flavonoids present in cocoa can aid in relaxing the muscles and reduce inflammation, which can cause pain and discomfort during periods

Our Cocoa powder is best to eat within three years of opening, but it’s usually still safe to eat after this.

Boiled eggs,leafy green ie kale,spinach and broccoli,fish,chicken/turkey breast,beans,fruits,oats,shrimp,tofu,brown rice,chia seeds and Greek yogurt

You can mix it into your smoothies or protein shakes, and even experiment with it beyond just drinking.

Yes you can mix the cocoa powder with various food item including baking depending on what your goal is.

Yes, But we also advise the supervision of your doctor.

It is highly advised that from ages 10 and above can consume the brown magic cocoa powder without fears of complications. It should even be seen as an essential for our parents. As it reliefs stress,helps with high blood pressure & even diabetes

Yes, it is rich in minerals like iron, zinc, selenium, and magnesium. It is also full of theobromine which reduces inflammation and protects you from heart disease, cancer and diabetes.

No, absolutely not. 90% of our customers do not work out and a huge majority of them see the changes they want. So the gym isn’t a necessity for the product to work

Yes, it has significant skin benefits. For example, it improves the skin texture, hydrate your skin, protects it from sun damage, and helps blood circulation

Yes you absolutely can. It is also a meal replacement. So it’s allowed. But instead of 2 table spoons, you ca start with 1 table spoon.

Yes, you can eat raw cocoa powder daily. Regular consumption can provide various health benefits, including reduced inflammation and protection against heart disease, cancer and diabetes

Yes, drinking hot Brown Magic Cocoa Powder before going to bed can be relaxing. That is because cocoa may help with mood enhancement, stress reduction, and antioxidant health benefits. It can also help you sleep because it contains tryptophan, a sleep-induced compound

Usually from 2 weeks a majority of our customers already have testimonies to share with us. Of course with consistency and good eating habits, your results are closer than you think.

Yes! The Brown Magic Cocoa Powder is 100% effective and healthy for you and your baby. It has no side effects and it’s okay for consumption.

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